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New Clients

Financial advice is plentiful but finding a good, Financial Adviser is a more difficult task.

Our experience has taught us that most clients want a long term relationship with the same adviser and a person and company they can trust.

We are very proud of our reputation for service and the feedback we have received from our clients.

Organising ones finances shouldn’t be a one off objective but a journey to help you achieve your long term objectives whilst ensuring the short term is also catered for.

Clients are not tied to us, although our aim is to have an ongoing relationship with each of our clients for many years with ongoing reviews on a regular basis to make sure that your plans are on course, and adjust them in conjunction with yourselves as required.

It is important that you feel comfortable with us so we offer you a no obligation initial meeting to listen to your objectives. There will be no cost for this initial meeting.

Your adviser will require some detailed information about yourself and your financial circumstances. This will assist us in establishing what your requirements are.

Areas that are normally discussed are items such as your income and employment situation, your mortgage, insurance, any debts held, your pension situation, your savings/investments held, your feelings about risk and any time scales concerned and so on.

This information along with your objectives for the future will assist us in analysing your present situation and allow us to recommend where improvements should be considered including any tax implications that may be applicable.

From our discussion, we can agree the areas that are a priority.

Following the meeting, we would normally then carry out research on your behalf and produce a report along with any recommendations and our reasons for making them.

A second meeting is scheduled to go through the report in detail with you.

You can be assured that the adviser will take account of your financial knowledge and the meetings will be professional but at a level that suits you. We encourage clients to ask any questions they have and to take their time in the decision making process.

Meetings often take place in our office, however home appointments may be available if required.

If you have any existing plans or policies, please bring these to the meeting. We are also legally obliged to obtain identification for our clients. Therefore could you also bring some identification (driving licence and passport if possible).

Our office is located in Furzton Lake, Milton Keynes with ample parking available directly outside the office.

Office picThe back office system we use is one of the most highly respected systems in the financial advice world and gives some clear benefits to our clients.

Our clients are diverse and we have a range of personal and corporate clients at different stages of life.

Our structure allows us to cater for personal clients from individuals or couples beginning to get their finances in order or to our private client offering, designed for clients with £1 million plus in investable assets.

Corporate clients can be assisted in their retirement, investment and insurance requirements by a suitably qualified adviser.

Whatever stage of life you are at, we have a solution that can suit your arrangements.

ASC Holistic Advisory Process

Our holistic financial planning addresses all areas of a client’s situation from cash flow, debt, tax management, risk, portfolio and estate management.

Holistic advice gives clients the peace of mind that their total situation is working in unison toward their lifestyle goals and objectives.

Traditional financial planning addresses the one area of concern, be it retirement, investment or insurance.

Holistic financial planning involves assessment of the entire picture and implementation of intertwined strategies that work in a complimentary manner to help a client achieve their overall goals and desired outcomes.

Ongoing reviews form an important part of our proposition and include monitoring of investment performance along with ongoing discussion of the financial goals important to you.

The ongoing review program includes:

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It is re-assuring to have easy access to personal financial advice that is discussed and presented professionally in a warm and friendly manner.

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