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Insurance advice from ASC Financial Solutions – Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

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Buildings Insurance

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Contents Insurance

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Acceptance Criteria

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Neither you nor anyone that lives with you has had:

1. More than two losses within the last three years
2. More than one loss within the last 12 months
3. Losses totalling more than £2,500 within the last three years
4. Any convictions other than driving offences
5. Any insurance cancelled, refused or had any special terms applied

The Property to be insured is:

1. Your main residence
2. Is occupied solely by you and your family
3. Is self contained with its own lockable entrance which is only accessible by you
4. Is not used for business purposes (other than clerical work)
5. Is not usually left unoccupied during the day or night, other than whilst you are at work, for usual shopping trips, holidays and the like
6. Is not likely to be left unoccupied for more than 60 days at a time
7. Is in a sound state of repair

In the last 15 years, the property to be insured (and outbuildings) has not:

1. Been affected by flood
2. Been affected by subsidence, heave, landslip or structural movement
3. Been underpinned or provided with any other structural support

Do you confirm that the above statements are true?

General Details

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Security Details

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* Insures the buildings against accidents such as banging a nail through a pipe or putting a foot through the ceiling whilst in the loft.
** Insures the contents against accidents such as spilling a glass of wine on the carpet or breaking a favourite ornament.