How We Are Paid

How We Are Paid

There are no hidden fees when you work with ASC Financial Solutions Limited, we always let you know from the outset what you will pay for our services.

Upon receiving an enquiry from you, we will organise an initial meeting. This first meeting allows us to introduce ourselves to you and to discuss your current situation and objectives. We normally give you a feel for some options available at this time but will also take time to consider the options so you get the best advice possible. At our first meeting, we will provide you with a service charter which includes our costs of services.

There is no charge for your initial meeting; it’s at our expense and without any obligation to proceed.

We will typically formulate our recommendations in a suitability report which we will discuss with you at our second meeting.

Your Initial Advice

Following a detailed discussion about your needs and priorities, this will formulate a personal plan for you explaining our recommendations and why they are appropriate to you.

The cost of our service is based on the level of funds that you require advice on. There are minimum and maximum amounts and these will be covered with you so you are clear of the costs involved should you wish to proceed. All costs involved will be in detailed in your suitability report following our first meeting so you can be clear what’s involved before committing yourself. All clients are also given a menu of services and our costs at the start of our initial meeting to complement this too.

Your Ongoing Service

What you can expect from us in advising you in the future.

For the majority of our clients we give an on-going service. This is an important benefit for clients considering using us and we have an established and committed administration team to support your adviser in looking after you.

We have different service levels which vary dependent on the service that an individual client requires,  the amount invested and needs required. There is an option available whereby no on-going service is provided if this is preferred. You always receive a detailed suitability report and our pledge explaining what you can expect from us in terms of future servicing. We use some of the latest technology available allowing us to give our clients excellent advice and service.

Protection Policies

We source a range of providers on your behalf and we will recommend the most appropriate policy for your needs. This research will be provided to you which details the costs and benefits to you prior to proceeding.

Once a policy is organised for you, we normally receive a commission from the provider with whom the business is placed. You always receive a detailed report explaining the suitability of any plan you take out.